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Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and Uniform Company CEO repurposes factory overnight to make over 100,000 PPE masks and gowns in the last week 

This former cheerleader’s factory went from thriving, to empty, to hiring in one week 

Dallas, Texas, April 6, 2020:  Last Monday, after 25 years in business, Terra Saunders, former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and CEO of Dallaswear Uniforms laid-off her entire staff in obedience of the Dallas County “Stay at Home”order.  One week they were planning uniform designs for the NBA playoffs and the next week they were shuttered.  Within 24 hours of laying off twenty employees, Terra and her husband Paul Saunders, the CFO of Dallaswear, decided to re-tool the factory and make all the changes necessary to pitch in and help in this crisis.

“It is ironic that my business revolves around the sidelines, because I have never been one to ‘sit on the sidelines’ when I can get in the game and help,” says Saunders of her inability to let her factory’s sewing machines sit and collect dust while the healthcare professionals are in need of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). “I went into the factory at 6pm to make a pattern and sample of the mask while Paul researched materials and found the polypropylene fabric needed to repel the droplets that can spread the virus.” Said Saunders. By 2am that night they had created a PPE mask, PPE disposable gown, a marketing plan and a website to easily order the masks online,  

“In the last week, we have received orders for over 100,000 PPE masks and gowns from Hospitals, Fire Departments, Nursing homes and regular people” says Saunders.  The factory is receiving pallets of fabric deliveries daily and manufacturing tens of thousands of pieces weekly.  Saunders was able to rehire all of her factory workers and has employment ads listed to hire more people to join the fight against the Covid-19 virus.  While Dallaswear is anxious to get back to making cheerleading uniforms, Saunders and her team plan to manufacture PPE to support American healthcare workers as long as there is a need.  ###

Contact: Dallaswear Uniforms- Terra Saunders Owner- 214-570-4930 

**Note: When release was released at 8am, the order count was 80,000 pc. Article was updated at 8pm the same evening with the updated order pc count at 100,000**

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