Care Instructions

For the best care of your Dallaswear, we strongly suggest the following
simple 2-step process:
  • STEP 1 
    • Machine wash your uniform in COLD WATER turned inside out on the GENTLE CYCLE, or HAND WASH in COLD WATER.
    • Always wash your uniform separately with no other garments.
    • Wash like colors together (example: wash a white belt separate from a matching red or black short.)
    • We very strongly recommend each uniform piece has its own washer delicates bag. It keeps your uniform pieces the safest in your washing machine.
    • Only use mild detergent that does not contain dyes.
    • NEVER use detergent with chlorine bleach.
  • STEP 2
    • After a gentle wash cycle is finished, promptly roll the garment in a clean towel to remove any excess water.
    • Immediately HANG TO DRY.
    • Only wash Dallaswear Uniforms garments in cold water.
    • Never use any kind of chlorine bleach.
    • Wash uniforms of different colors separately.
    • Do not tumble dry your uniforms, always hang to dry. The heat and abrasion that happens in a dryer is horrible for rhinestones!
    • Do not dry-clean your Dallaswear. Dry cleaning chemicals can damage custom printed garments.
    • NEVER soak your uniforms. Spot clean stains without bleach. If you have a bad stain on your uniform and do not know how to treat it, feel free to call Dallaswear at 214.575.5199 and we will let you know what we suggest.
    • Oxyclean is strongly recommended, especially for white uniforms.
    • Lingerie garment bags for delicates can be your best friend. They keep your uniforms (and its stunning rhinestones) from abrasion in your washer when you're washing on GENTLE/DELICATE CYCLE.
    • After wearing, do not leave sweaty uniforms overnight.