Sample Sale

Our Sample Sale items were created for photoshoots & fittings. There is only one of each garment at their discounted price, so once it's sold, it’s gone! We WILL NOT break up Sample Sale items sold as sets. ALL SAMPLES ARE A SIZE SMALL UNLESS OTHERWISE INDICATED IN THE ITEM DETAILS. Accessories in the images are NOT included unless they are listed in the item description.
THERE ARE NO RETURNS ON SAMPLE SALE ITEMS. As our Sample Sale items were used for our photoshoots, they might have dirt, imperfections, or self-tanner on them. They have been washed and cleaned but a stain could remain, or a rhinestone could be missing. If you are not comfortable with this, DO NOT purchase a Sample Sale item. Sample Sale items may be made with experimental or limited fabric dye lots, and we can not guarantee the sample colors will match our current Dallaswear fabric catalog. While we strive to represent colors as accurately as possible, we can not guarantee all monitors will represent all colors properly.
If your final order contains items that are not in the Sample Sale, your order will ship within the standard 10 business day Dallaswear time frame. Please make a separate order if you want your Sample Sale items to ship the same-day.