Femme Flannel™ with Logo
Femme Flannel™ with Logo
Femme Flannel™ with Logo

Femme Flannel™ with Logo

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Introducing the Femme Flannel™!  Developed by Dallaswear, the Femme Flannel™ is a functional wrap with faux sleeves that easily ties around your hips, but looks like a real flannel!  You get the look without all the messy bulk of the collar and shirt- front. 

The Femme Flannel™ is made from the softest Poly-Spandex and printed to look like your favorite authentic flannel plaid.  No twisting and no falling off… the Femme Flannel™ is perfection.

Personalize your Femme Flannel™ with your Initials, or personal/team logo. NOTE: to purchase a Femme Flannel™ with your Team's Official Pantone® colors and logos - please email info@DallaswearUniforms.com.



You, as our customer are responsible for verifying final artwork and/or correct spelling to be printed on garment. After order is submitited, Dallaswear will not be held responsible for typos or over looked errors once the printing process has begun.  Femme Flannel™ products with logos, names or initials are considered custom and are not returnable.

In the event that Dallaswear is to imprint at the request of a customer a likeness of a person, product, logotype, or any other device provided by the customer, Customer hereby represents that said likeness is being produced with the knowledge and consent of the individual or entity having the rights thereto.

On request of Dallaswear, Buyer shall provide the company with evidence of authority to produce such likeness. Buyer agrees to hold Dallaswear free and harmless from all liability and indemnify Dallaswear for any loss, damage or injury, which Dallaswear may suffer as a result of producing said likeness. The obligation of the buyer shall extend to payment for all legal fees and other out-of-pocket costs incurred by Dallaswear as a result of the reproduction of the likeness requested by the customer.

In other words… don’t use a logo that you did not create yourself or do not have permission to use.

Dallaswear Tops are sold without rhinestones but our professional rhinestone application ‘upgrades’ can be added above.





***If purchasing light colored fabric, we recommend adding lining or wearing tights with the shorts for added coverage and comfort.*** Add Lining Link